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There are no dues expected when joining the Troupe.  Enthusiasm, involvement, effort, friendship, creativity, yes; dues, no. There is no age limit on membership. When a person comes forward to volunteer in any capacity with the Troupe, that person is considered a member as long as he/she stays actively involved. Because of the way our lives go, many people come and go throughout the years. Some have been active for 30 years and some have joined us only for one production.



President - Margie Brown 

Vice President - Chris Berberich

Secretary - Debbie Martin

Treasurer - Molly Brown

Board Members

Jeanine Supanich
Angie Kamba

Sandy Renner

Olivia Peterson



The "Wolf River Theatrical Troupe, Inc" is strictly a volunteer organization. No individual involved shall collect a salary. All proceeds pay for production expenses only.

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