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We are located at 304 St. John's Place in New London. 

We perform live community theater, have guest artists, and offer a Summer's Children's Theater Workshop/Musical.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Troupe at any level, please contact

Margie Brown at 920-982-3062 or 920-810-3185.

For Tickets: Call 920-250-6200 

or click button below.




The Wolf River Theatrical Troupe is looking for two women between the ages of 18-50 with strong singing voices.  Need to fill two roles in a country musical  play, HONKY TONK  ANGELS.

Auditions open at 304 St. John's Place, New London between 6-8pm on Monday, March 25.

Come prepared with a country song to sing.  Bring CD or piano music if available. 

Other arrangements may be made by calling Margie at 920-810-3185

Hope to see you at the auditions!

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