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We are located at 304 St. John's Place in New London. 

We perform live community theater, have guest artists, and offer a Summer's Children's Theater Workshop/Musical.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Troupe at any level, please contact

Margie Brown at 920-982-3062 or 920-810-3185.

For Tickets: Call 920-250-6200 

or visit



Connor Murphy wants a go-cart for Christmas in the worst way. But, his teacher really gums up the
works by handing out report cards just before vacation. “This is a socks and underwear card if ever
there was one,” his best friend Neil tells him His other best friend, Tater, is no help either—he’s busy
learning his one-word speech for the Christmas Pageant. His brother and sister stir up the household
with arguments. In Connor’s mind, everyone is ganged up against him like a Greek chorus. It’s up to
Dad to perform the impossible by Christmas morning. Hysterical situations abound in this loving
memory back when if you had a dollar it was more money than you knew what to do with; if you had an
hour to play, it seemed forever and the best time in the whole world was Christmas.


Dad & Mom
3 “12 yr old” boys OR 3 males between 20-35 Yrs.
3 high school age actors (2 W, 1 M)
1 Neighbor lady
1 mature lady teacher

Auditions: Wolf River Theatre 304 St. John’s Place
Sunday, Oct. 8 from 4-6pm
Monday, Oct. 9 from 6-8pm
Production Dates: Dec. 7-9 & 14-16
For other arrangements, call Margie at 920-810-3185

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